Daniel Rutledge


When not watching and writing about film, Daniel's time is consumed by being an avid video game enthusiast, dolphin rights supporter and 80s thrash metal aficionado.


Review: Intensely Horrific ‘mother!’ Goes to Some Truly Crazy Places

Daniel RutledgeReviews | 14 Sep

I’d put Darren Aronofsky alongside Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese as one of the finest American filmmakers working today. His latest, however, is more like a David Lynch film: something challenging to decode that’ll be hugely rewarding to some and simply frustrating to others. Obsession plays a central role, as it does […]

Review: ‘T2 3D: Judgment Day’ is a Blessing & a Gift

Daniel RutledgeReviews | 16 Aug

The greatest action movie of the ’90s returns to cinemas and I am a very happy man. It’s a blessing and a gift to experience James Cameron’s masterpiece on the big screen once more, with a fresh paint job that modernises a classic without removing one iota of charm. Time has been kind to the […]

Review: ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Has Barely a Trace of Wit, Charm or Fun

Daniel RutledgeReviews | 22 Jun

This is not the worst Transformers film. Marky Mark’s squawking isn’t quite as annoying as Shia LaBeouf’s, the female characters aren’t ogled as lecherously as in previous films and the racial caricatures are dialed back somewhat too. But The Last Knight is a strong contender for the most nonsensical of all of Michael Bay’s nonsensical […]