Ma (2019)

Octavia Spencer is a lonely woman who befriends—and begins to obsess over—a group of teenagers in this Blumhouse horror thriller.


Directed by

  • Tate Taylor('The Help', 'Pretty Ugly People', 'The Girl on the Train')

Horror, Thriller


Rating: 16 D L N S V


Empire (UK)


An ersatz, misjudged exercise in psycho-horror that lacks the courage of its B movie convictions.

Rolling Stone


In her first horror film, Octavia Spencer is a twisted treat, but this predictable Blumhouse scarefest rarely lives up to the irresistible dynamo at its centre,

TimeOut (New York)


It's an unusually potent atmosphere for a quickie Blumhouse horror project; you can't say this one is elevated by the presence of Octavia Spencer - it's more that she allows herself to descend to the crazy-eyed pleasures of being monstrous.

Hollywood Reporter


Unsatisfying as a psycho-killer vehicle for Octavia Spencer, it may pull some genre fans in for opening week but is unlikely to leave them buzzing.

New York Times


The movie ties itself up in knots as it tries to be provocative without giving offense, and offering more complacency and comfort than terror.

The Guardian


There's a great deal of fun to be had hanging out with Ma, a nasty yet surprisingly empathetic slab of exploitation with more than just carnage on its mind.

Variety (USA)


It's a squalid formula picture that's too busy connecting dots, hitting beats, engineering situations designed to make you squirm. But you will squirm.