Maleficent 3D: Mistress of Evil

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest co-director Joachim Rønning joins Angelina Jolie for the sequel to the 2014 Disney fantasy adventure centred around the titular Sleeping Beauty villain.

Five years following the events of the first film, Maleficent's life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Phillip proposes to Aurora (Elle Fanning). But when Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) uses the wedding to try to divide humans and fairies forever, Maleficent and Aurora find themselves opposite sides of an impending war.

Empire Magazine


An improvement on the first film, in the end, and an encouraging rallying cry against fear and intolerance, but it's still far too busy and baroque to match its leading lady's elegance.

Total Film


An uninspired and unnecessary sequel that won't leave you spellbound. There's neither enough Maleficent or genuine magic to make it worth a revisit.



The true Disney villains in this case are off screen, sabotaging the studio's canon from within.

Hollywood Reporter


A sequel that feels programmed to within an inch of its life.

Los Angeles Times


It's hard not to appreciate the sheer derangement of the plot that Ingrith has concocted, which is so cruel and so elaborate... as to make even the original Maleficent's machinations in "Sleeping Beauty" look tame by comparison.

The Guardian


This Maleficent is disappointing, although Jolie certainly sells it hard, as does Fanning, who takes it as seriously as anything else in her career.

Time Out


As the nemesis to Angelina Jolie's red-lipped siren, Pfeiffer gives us exactly what we want - the same hissing Catwoman attitude she heated up for Mother!