The Addams Family (2019)

Think your family is weird?

The directors of Sausage Party helm this animated take on Charles Addams's classic characters, with Oscar Issac and Charlie Theron lending their voices.


Directed by

  • Greg Tiernan('Sausage Party', TV's 'Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!')
  • Conrad Vernon('Sausage Party', 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted', 'Shrek 2')

Written by

Animated, Comedy, Kids & Family, Blockbuster


Rating: 10-12PG H P V


New York Times


If this installment lays on the moral (all families are freaky in their own ways) a bit thick, it has just enough wit and weirdness to honour its source material.



"The Addams Family" has a rote plot built out of bits and pieces from a lot of other animated films that had nothing to do with lumbering eight-foot-tall butlers or posh mistresses of the house who look like spindly vampiric cadavers.

Hollywood Reporter


Matt Lieberman's nearly laugh-free script prefers to rehash Charles Addams' old one-liners or offer terrible updates.

Los Angeles Times


The appeal of this "Addams Family," which doesn't break the mold, is simply to spend some more time in this gently spooky world, a gateway for budding creepsters and goths.